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Aesthetic Dentistry | Smile Design

Smile design uses set of cosmetic applications to enhance your smile’s appearance.

In a complete smile design, patient’s face is evaluated as a whole. After the result of all of the evaluations, the arrangement of the teeth which is the most suitable fit for your face is provided for you with your wishes considered.

Aesthetic Dentistry | Smile Design

While an ideal smile is being created, a lot of tissues take part during the process such as teeth, soft tissues, muscles, bones. Therefore smile design is a multidisciplinary treatment protocol that requires the cooperation of the branches of medicine which are interested in these tissues (orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, periodontology).

At this point, a patient’s disliking of his or her smile becomes more of an issue. With patient’s concerns and wishes considered, after the digital analyzes, radiographic and oral examinations a personal treatment plan is prepared.

Within this treatment plan, the criterias such as position of the teeth, sizes of the teeth, gingival levels, teeth color, position of the lips, cadence of the lips and teeth and smile line are evaluated.

A schematized treatment is conducted and the ideal results are provided.