Obesity Surgery & Bariatric Surgery

Gastric Balloon

Gastric balloon is a temporary weight loss method applied endoscopically for the people who can not lose weight with diet and exercise or do not want to be operated and also for the patients with a high surgical risk. The gastric balloon placement is a minimally invasive, non-surgical and outpatient procedure and those are also the main advantages of the procedure.

"Gastric Balloon"

Gastric balloons, which are prepared from special materials and aim to reach the saturation point by consuming less food, are the treatment techniques that stand out with their high success rate. Gastric balloons, whose duration of stay in the stomach can vary, are also a successful solution for patients seeking non-surgical treatment. Gastric balloons stay in the stomach for maximum 6 months.During this time it can help you to proper portion control (how much food to eat?) and also  help to reduce the frequency of eating (how often to eat?)Your daily food consumption amount will be less and you’ll stay full longer. This is useful for those who snack between meals.

It is not expected that every patient lose weight at the same amount after the gastric balloon procedure. It should be highlighted that this rate varies from person to person.

These balloons are produced from a special material and are not likely to burst. There was no case of the  6-month gastric balloon bursting before.

Patients should not have any concerns about this.