Obesity Surgery & Bariatric Surgery

Gastric Sleeve

Gastric sleeve surgery is the most common surgical operation worldwide for those who have obesity and cannot lose weight. Generally, diet and exercise programs are recommended to patients before the surgery and support is sometimes provided with medication. However, if the patient cannot lose weight, surgery planning is fulfilled.

"Gastric Sleeve Surgery"

With this surgical operation performed with the procedure of removing approximately 60 -90% of the stomach, the patient can reach the desired weight. The operation can be performed with “sleeve gastrectomy”, that is, closed technique (laparoscopic), and it is possible for patients to return to their daily life after a comfortable recovery period.

We can say that the surgery is completed between half an hour and an hour in competent hands. This period can be extended up to 2 hours when the stages such as preparing the patient for sleeve gastrectomy and applying anesthesia are included. As soon as the patient goes into surgery, there is no surgery. There is a preparation time. This period is between half an hour and an hour. When the operation period is over, he is taken to the wake-up room inside the operation under normal conditions, and the patient stays between half an hour and an hour here.

There are some issues about nutrition after gastric sleeve surgery.

Especially for 6 to 18 months, patients do not need to eat because they will not have appetite for the reason that their appetite hormone is taken during surgery.

This period have to be followed by a dietician .People who have eaten for years do not have an appetite anymore and they spend their days with very little food and it causes losing rapid and unbalanced weight.

It is a great importance to adhere to the nutrition program for the reaching the ideal weight and health of the patients.