Holistic Brain Approaches

Brain Recovery Program

The main goal in the treatment of diseases is to protect brain health.

Our brain, working with such high energy and capacity, is unfortunately exposed to radiation, electromagnetic waves, air pollution, harmful chemicals from the environment we live in, as well as toxins from food. When these harmful substances and toxins enter.

Brain Recovery Program

Our body, they must be eliminated. Otherwise, they will cause serious diseases. Today, everywhere is full of harmful substances and our body gets tired to get rid of them, and over time, diseases begin.

How is brain health affected by the wrong functioning of the body? If there are digestive problems, the nutrients cannot be absorbed adequately, the nutrients that are not absorbed well result in a lack of energy in the brain and this results in forgetfulness and fatigue.

Hormones decrease with environmental toxins, poor diet, lack of sleep, and age. Decreased hormones prevent the body from working healthily and fast; decrease in sexual desire, fatigue, reluctance, unhappy mood, widespread body aches, headaches, forgetfulness.

High blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol directly cause inflammation and pose a risk to brain health, it is necessary to treat inflammation as soon as possible. Sleep problems are the most important parameter that accelerates aging.