Dental Treatments


Invisalign Treatment & Braces

 Event though the orthodontics word which means “a proper tooth” seems to give us a meaning of a treatment in which is thought that only it includes treating of teeth crowding; the orthodontic treatment is a comprehensive treatment which includes the fixation of deformities on face skeleton, occlusion problems and inducement of the erupted teeth and aims the harmony of the dentofacial structures.

How Does Orthodontic Treatment Work?

Since treatment of the deformities on face skeleton can be done in the developmental period, early doctor visit and intervention is quite important. This problem’s early solution is possible with the functional treatment. Our patient’s treatments who have skeletal problems (if jaws are located forward or backward positions than normal, mouth closure disorder, gummy smile etc.)and decide to see the doctor after their developmental periods are not impossible, they are possible with the combination of orthodontics treatment and ortognathic surgery.

” For a proper treatment plan, a clinical examination, internal or external mouth photoshoots, lateral cephalometric x-ray, OPTG or sometimes a tomographic evaluation must be done. For this purpose, your dentist might ask you to bring the x-rays he wanted to see.