Medical Aesthetic

Jawline Filling

Jawline chin filling operation has been one of the most preferred treatment methods. This operation can be applied to both men and women. However, women are individuals who are more in demand for chin fillers. The purpose of Jawline chin filling is to correct the complained chin appearance and to sharpen the facial features.

Jawline Filling

Ther is 3 main methods of this application The first method used in chin filling is done with hyaluronic acid. This substance contributes to our body as moisture and is therefore often found in the injected chin filler. The second method is the type of filling, which is obtained from the individual’s own adipose tissue and completed through the fat injected into the chin. The third known type of chin filling is done with stem cell-supported fat injection. The person performing the procedure decides which material to use for the chin filling process according to the patient’s condition.

Since each substance used in the filling has a different purpose, the doctor completes the injection process accordingly. It is generally expected to be permanent between 16 and 18 months.

Fillers are injected into the required areas to create the image desired by the patient. It is quite normal to feel swelling in the area after filling the application. In about 2 weeks after the operation, all the effects will pass