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Neuralgia, which is used for nerve pain in the medical language, can be seen in other parts of the body, although it is mostly felt in the face, mouth and head.

Among the causes of neuralgia are factors such as the common cold , arteriosclerosis , and narrowing of the veins . In addition, diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis and stroke , which occur around the nerves and cause pain , can also cause neuralgia. Trigeminal neuralgia is the most common type of neuralgia.

Neuralgia is a nerve pain.

Nerve pain is different from other pains. This pain is mostly burning, stabbing, stabbing and electric shock , very severe, mostly short-lived and limited to the area where it is felt.

The main purpose of neuralgia treatment is to eliminate the factors that cause neuralgia pain. However, some cases of neuralgia may occur without any reason. When such situations are encountered, neuralgia pain should be eliminated with medication before the patient’s pain gets worse. As drug therapy, we often use the drug group we call antiepileptic.