Hair Transplant

Beard, Mustache, Eyebrow Transplant

The reason for lack of facial hair growth or patchy beards is the result of genetics, electrolysis, physical trauma, surgical injury or congenital defects. In this case, a more masculine appearance can be achieved with hair transplantation techniques by producing dense and natural looking facial hair.

Beard transplantation is similar to hair transplantation. The similarity of the two processes is achieved by removing the roots to be transplanted from the healthy scalp in both processes during transplantation. FUE method is used in beard & mustache and eyebrow transplantation as in hair transplantation.

Beard, Mustache and Eyebrow Transplantation

These procedures are preferred for men who want to grow their sideburns on their face, who like a beard appearance called stubble for a few days, but whose beard wires are irregular or missing. Beard & mustache and eyebrow transplantation can be applied to all healthy men who have no hairy areas on their beard as well as those who do not have any beard or who have thinning or no eyebrows. Apart from these, it is also possible to transplant beard & mustache and eyebrow on the scar area.

The average amount of grafts used for facial hair transplant surgery are indicated below:

Mustache: 350-500 grafts

Complete goatee: up to 1,500 grafts

Sideburns: 200-250 grafts on both sides

Beard: 300-3,000 grafts depending on areas with hair loss and desired result

Eyebrows: 100-700 grafts on both sides

The healing process for beard & mustache and eyebrow transplantation takes approximately one week.

Within a week, the rash and crusty appearance will improve. There is no serious pain or pain after the procedure. The full recovery and adaptation process in beard and mustache transplantation varies between 8 and 10 weeks. It is not possible to separate the hair strand, that is, the existing beard and hair, from each other with the naked eye. The recovery time in eyebrow transplantation is slightly different than beard and mustache transplantation. After transplantation, healthy eyebrows start to grow at the end of 3 months and 8 months should be waited to see the improvement in the whole area. Eyebrow transplantation can be applied to both women and men.