Medical Aesthetic


Ultrasound, with its most known definition, is a technology that allows to monitor the fetus in the womb. Now, with the same technology, sagging, wrinkled skin and low eyebrows that have lost their elasticity are lifted with the ulthera non-surgical face lift system without the need for surgery.


Ulthera facelift is a technology that laser technologies cannot solve, and it is a technology that aims to solve the face lift operation, which can only be achieved with surgical operations, without injection, without the need for a healing process, without risk. After the Ultherapy face lift application, which takes 40 minutes for the whole face, the people who have the application can return to their daily activities immediately. The technology called ‘Deep see’ used in the Ultherapy face lift system creates ‘hot spots’ in the lower layers of the skin with ‘focus ultrasound’. In this way, the skin begins to produce new collagen by creating its own repair process, and the tightening and ‘lifting’ effect on the skin begins to manifest itself.

The skin, which starts to recover immediately after the application, reaches the desired ideal appearance at the end of 3 months. The facelift result obtained after a single application is preserved for up to 2 years.

With Ultherapy facelift (non-surgical facelift), the ‘beautiful and taut appearance’ that occurs after a single 40-minute application occurs with the strengthening of the connective tissue under the skin, as the skin creates its own healing process. With a single ulthera facelift application, the regeneration process starts immediately, but the full results are seen after an average of 90 days.