General Surgery

Pain and Swelling in and Around the Belly Button

The belly button is connected to many organs in the lower abdomen area, so any pain felt in those organs might lead to periumbilical pain.

These organs are:

  • The cecum
  • The appendix
  • The ovaries and fallopian tubes
  • The right ureter
  • The colon

"Pain and Swelling in and Around the Belly Button"

Belly button pain is not a widely common condition; therefore, when a certain pain is felt, in any of the previously mentioned areas, the patient should get tested to identify the cause and then receive the right treatment.

Other common reasons of belly button paim also;

  • Pregnancy can cause women to have belly button pain.
  • Some temporary conditions can cause belly pain.
  • Anyone who has abdominal surgery can experience belly button pain.
  • Constipation can cause belly button pain, but it is usually not a serious condition.