Plastic Surgery

Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery is an operation that generally gives good and permanent results, restores the person’s and her spouse’s psychological state Large breasts may cause back and neck pains and lead to kyphosis in women due to their weight. Daily physical activities may be limited. You may feel difficulty in breathing. Also large breasts create problems in choosing what to wear, and the fact that the women do not like themselves, causes social and psychological problems.

Breast Reduction

A breast reduction procedure takes between 90 minutes and three hours. Patients are admitted to hospital on the day of their surgery and most patients stay overnight.In addition to blood test and lung x-ray required to be performed previously, mammography and if necessary, breast ultrasonography are carried out. General anesthesia is applied. It lasts about 3-4 hours.In the breast reduction surgery, the large breast tissue is reshaped according to the person’s body size. Extra breast tissue and the skin are removed. The nipple is carried to where it should be. A scar is left around the nipple no matter what method is applied.

The post-operation stage of this surgery is generally easy. Breast reduction surgery recovery usually takes four to six weeks. Pain is minimal. There may be limitation in arm movements. Breasts are covered with a bra-like bandage. Generally two tubes called drain are placed in the both breasts, and removed within 24-72 hoursMost patients can return to work after one week but are advised to avoid moderate to strenuous exercise, lifting or stretching for up to six weeks.