Parkinson and Deep Brain Stimulatin

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a neurodegenerative disorder.It causes loss of muscle control but the disorder also commonly causes more severe symptoms over time.Difficulty walking,sense of weakness and difficulty of talking can be examples of early symptoms

“Parkinson and Deep Brain Stimulatin"

All of  them occur gradually and develop slowly.There is no clear reason of PD but loss of the cells at the part of the brain which is called as substantia nigra causes this illnesses by loss of the dopamin in the brain. Dopamin has a very important role of managing of the movement regulation of the body.

What is deep brain stimulation (DBS)?

The basic treatment of PD is medication.But this patient has an options that can change their life.This procudure is Deep Brain Stimulation.


Deep brain stimulation (DBS) is a very successfull and efficient surgery that involves implanting electrodes in the brain, which deliver electrical impulses that block or change the abnormal activity that cause symptoms.

A small device placed inside your chest sends electrical pulses to your brain. The pulses block nerve signals that cause Parkinson’s symptoms.


A small device is placed under the skin around the chest or stomach. It is connected to one or two fine wires that are inserted into specific areas of your brain. The pulses block nerve signals that cause Parkinson’s symptoms. When switch on, the stimulator sends electrical pulses to regulate the faulty nerve signals causing  symptom of illnesses. The patient uses a hand controller to turn the DBS system on and off. After returning home, patients need o ensure that they keep the incisions clean and dry.