Holistic Brain Approaches

Migraine / Headache

When talking about migraine, we first need to make sure that everyone is in the same boat as us. Usually, we either underestimate our headaches and think that we do not have a migraine, or we exaggerate our pains and think that we have migraines even when they are not migraines. Let us remind you again, migraine is a severe pain that lasts for 5 to 72 hours, worsens with movement, and is unilateral.

Migraine | Headache

Headache may be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, or sensitivity to light and sound. Due to pain, our work, social relations and family life are adversely affected. However, despite such severe pain, we often do not want to take the migraine drugs prescribed by the physicians. Because they all have different side effects and none of them are specific drugs for migraine. We do not want to use drugs used in depression or epilepsy or heart drugs for migraine.

Many of the patients who come to me are either afraid to use the drugs because of their side effects, or they have drank and experienced a lot of side effects. Many patients also have migraine bags as a painkiller tank. Wherever they go, they carry 10-15 different types of painkillers with them.