Hair Transplant


DHI hair transplant is the most recent method in the hair transplant world. It works similarly to the FUE hair transplant method, where hair follicles are plucked and planted one by one. The differentiating factor is the tool used in the DHI method. While conducting a FUE operation, the surgeon needs to open small holes to plant the follicles to the balding part of the scalp using a different tool. 

DHI Hair Transplantation

However, the DHI method combines the removing and planting of the hair follicles into one process with a specialized, pen-like tool; thereby shortening the operation duration significantly. Determining the right angle and direction with the help of the pen, which we call choi pen, without making any incisions or holes. Since no holes are drilled during the procedure, the grafts taken from the person are planted faster, so the number of roots that can be planted is higher. In this way, a much more intense and much higher quality result is obtained as a result of sowing. DHI hair transplantation does not give the appearance of crusts or scars for a long time like other hair transplantations.

This crusting process takes up to 1 week in DHI hair transplant treatment. After this process, there is no scar image. DHI Choi is known as a very effective method for beard and eyebrow transplantation as well as being a hair transplant treatment. The fact that the Choi pen technique is not as troublesome as other transplantations causes this method to be preferred for beard and eyebrows.