Medical Aesthetic

Thread Face Lift

It is applied to patients who do not want surgical facial surgery. It is the technique of stretching the skin by applying the dissolving hyaluronic acid threads right underneath the dermal layer.

Thread Lift is a non-surgical facelift procedure that is done under local anesthesia. Since local anesthesia will be applied before the process and the needles are very fine, the pain sensation is little if any.

Thread Face Lift

This process lasting short time about 30-40 minutes does not disturb the person.Dissolving hyaluronic acid threads are inserted with the help of tiny cannulae drilled down by the physician from the point. Since it affects directly to the dermal layers, the areas where threads are inserted are crucial in the non-surgical facelift process. Once the fibers have been properly positioned, they are tightened upwards. That’s why the instant results are visible right away. Thread-Lift is a single-session procedure.

The patients continue their normal lives immediately after the thread facelift. Slight swelling, sometimes small bruises may occur in the injection places. The patients can apply ice on the facial region.

It is prohibited to the patients to move their faces excessively and massage by pressing afterwards. Antibiotic treatment is suggested to the patients during 5 days.

Advantages on Thread Face Lift ;​

  • Its effect is observed immediately.
  • Its process is very short but its effect is long- lasting.
  • The patient can return the normal life soon after the process.
  • It is possible to apply only with local