Holistic Brain Approaches


Alzheimer’s disease is a neurodegenerative-progressive disease characterized by decreased memory functions.

Although the underlying cause of Alzheimer’s disease is not fully understood, it occurs as a result of many damaging events, including the accumulation of toxic proteins in the brain, the malfunction of mitochondria, the energy production center in the body, oxidative stress that reduces the body’s working capacity, and inflammation.


Unfortunately, Alzheimer’s disease can be irreversible and progressive once clinical complaints begin.

For this very reason, we recommend that you should be investigated after the age of 40, especially if there are people with Alzheimer’s disease in your family.

Deficiencies can be detected with brain maps and detailed memory tests before the symptoms begin, and it is possible to prevent it with early treatment. If your complaints of Alzheimer’s disease have started, a series of supportive vitamin cures are applied in our clinic with the aim of stopping the progression of the disease.