Medical Aesthetic

Prp Therapy

Platelets are a special blood cell involved in tissue healing and blood clotting. When they come out of the damaged vein, they become activated, collapse into the damaged area and form a clot. At this stage, they secrete more than 30 biologically active proteins that contribute to coagulation and tissue healing and thus play a key role in wound healing. It also activates white blood cells to remove dead cells from the tissue.

Prp Therapy

The application is based on the separation of blood, which is taken from a person, to its components into a special tube by centrifugation and the return of “platelet-rich plasma” to the same person by means of special mesotherapy techniques and needle tips via injection. In this sense, PRP treatment is an autologous cellular treatment. Scientific research has shown that the injection of PRP into the injured area constitutes a stimulation that initiates the healing process.

Several tubes of blood taken from a vein in your arm are centrifuged. In these centrifuges, in high speed of revolutions, blood cells called platelet which provides the blood clotting separate after some time. Then, these cells are intervally injected into the skin with a very fine needle. Thus, the collagen and elastic fibers become stimulated. PRP treatment is as the same with a mesotherapy, filling application.

To get a good result in PRP, it is necessary to perform application 4 sessions with 2 week intervals; and afterwards one application in 6 months will increase the effectiveness and permanence. The PRP treatment can be renewed every year; because it is a completely natural treatment, there is not any harm in performing over session.

A few days after the application, brightness, shining occurs in the skin. Then, this effect becomes clearer with the repeating applications.