General Surgery

Skin and Soft Tissues Surgery

Soft-tissue surgeries are primarily aimed at improving joint stability by repairing the functional length of muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Common soft-tissue surgeries of the lower extremity include tendon transfers, muscle repairs, fasciotomies, cartilage resections or repairs, and ligament reconstructions .

"Skin and Soft Tissues Surgery"

Many of these surgeries are performed arthroscopically in an ambulatory surgery setting. However, in some cases, discharge may be delayed because of complications such as disruption of articular cartilage, menisci, and fat pads; damage to blood vessels, nerves, ligaments, and tendons; temporary paresis after tourniquet use; surgical instrument breakage; hemarthrosis; thrombophlebitis; and infection.

When trauma, disease and other conditions affect the skin and soft tissues of the body, surgery may provide a solution. Skin and soft tissue surgery may be an elective procedure for a benign condition or necessary treatment for a serious health issue. Depending on the condition being treated and its severity, skin and soft tissue operations may be administered on an outpatient basis, with patients returning home on the same day as their procedures.