Dental Treatments Periodontology & Gingival Diseases And Treatment Pink Aesthetics & Gingival Aesthetics Learn more Periodontology & Gingival Diseases And Treatment Aesthetically, having healthy gingival tissues and their visual quality are are as important as the teeth themselves. No matter how good looking our teeth are, an unhealthy situation on gums or an aesthetic problem […]


Dental Treatments Endodontic Endodontics & Root Canal Treatment Root canal treatment is applied to severely damaged or infected teeth for mending or saving them, instead of extracting. Learn more Regenerative Endodontics Treatment Regenerative endodontics is one of the most exciting developments in dentistry today. It is applied in order to provide closing on the tooth […]

Bruxism / Teeth Grinding

Dental Treatments Bruxism & Teeth Grinding Bruxism (teeth grinding) is a situation where teeth are clenched. Most of the time it’s hard to understand the reason of bruxism. It’s cause may be a combinations of the physical, psychological and genetic factors. Bruxism may happen only at nights, mornings or both of them together. Learn more […]

Porcelain Laminates Veneers

Dental Treatments Porcelain Laminates Veneers Veneer is a thin porcelain layer which is made to be placed oh the front surface of the tooth like a fake nail’s placement to nail. Sometimes a natural colored material is used instead of porcelain. This is also called “bonding appliance”. This is applied because teeth may decay or […]


Dental Treatments Dental Bonding Some laminates (composite) are applied directly on the teeth with using the same material which are used for white fillings. Tooth’s surface is acidulated with a light acid. After that a white filling material is applied in layers until teeth have a proper appearance. Learn more Composite Laminates Composite laminates which […]


Dental Treatments Teeth Bleaching Active component in the product is normally either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, this is either applied directly by dentist (office type bleaching) or applied by the patients themselves (home type bleaching). Learn more Bleaching While the active component is rupturing, oxygen goes into tooth enamel tooth color gets lighter. In […]

Orthodontics | Braces Treatment

Dental Treatments Orthodontics Invisalign Treatment & Braces Event though the orthodontics word which means “a proper tooth” seems to give us a meaning of a treatment in which is thought that only it includes treating of teeth crowding; the orthodontic treatment is a comprehensive treatment which includes the fixation of deformities on face skeleton, occlusion […]

Aesthetic Dentistry

Dental Treatments Aesthetic Dentistry | Smile Design Smile design uses set of cosmetic applications to enhance your smile’s appearance. In a complete smile design, patient’s face is evaluated as a whole. After the result of all of the evaluations, the arrangement of the teeth which is the most suitable fit for your face is provided […]

Dental Implants

Dental Treatments Dental Implants Dental implants are titanium structures that admitted as the best alternative to natural teeth. They are placed inside the jaw bone instead of the lost teeth and they fulfill the task of being the dental root bonding with the bone. Learn more Dental Implants You can be a very suitable candidate […]