Eye Diseases Presbyopia If you’re over the age of 40, you may start to feel as if you need a longer pair of arms to clearly read a menu or the newspaper. If so, welcome to the world of presbyopia. In short, presbyopia is an eye condition that affects everyone once you reach the age […]

Lazy Eye

Eye Diseases Lazy Eye A lazy eye is when the vision of one of your eyes doesn’t develop the way it should.It is also called for amblyopia. Strabismus,cataracts,droopy eyelid causes lazy eye. It’s important to start treatment for amblyopia as soon as possible. Learn more Eye Laziness Eye laziness can be diagnosed only during clinical […]


Eye Diseases Strabismus Strabismus is broadly classified in two groups; ones secondary to paralysis of eye muscles and others. If strabismus is not secondary to paralysis, sub-categories are congenital strabismus and others. Learn more Strabismus Early diagnosis is very important in the treatment of strabismus. If the first eye examination is delayed, esthetic issues in […]


Eye Diseases Cataract Cataract is an eye diseases which is seen in old people but it can also occur: In newborns As a result of physical injuries to the eye, As a result of long-term use of some medicineIt develops slowly and eventually interferes with your vision. You might end up with cataracts in both […]

Corneal Diseases

Eye Diseases Corneal Diseases The cornea can often repair itself after injury or disease, but more serious conditions, infections, degenerative diseases, deterioration – need treatment. Learn more Corneal Diseases The cornea also filters out some amounts of the sun’s ultraviolet light. The cornea also plays a key role in vision. As light enters the eye, […]


Eye Diseases Retina The retina is the network layer that covers the posterior wall of the eyeball like wallpaper and consists of visual cells. Keeping your vision safe from retinal disease is important. This article will explore symptoms, types of retinal disease, risk factors, prevention, and when to get an eye examination. Learn more Retina […]

LASIK Eye Surgery

Eye Diseases LASIK Eye Surgery LASIK Eye Surgery LASIK eye surgery is the best known and most commonly performed laser refractive surgery to correct vision problems. Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) can be an alternative to glasses or contact lenses. Learn more LASIK | Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis It’s one of many vision correction surgeries […]

No Touch Smart Laser

Eye Diseases No-Touch Smart Laser With No-Touch Smart Laser treatment, myopia and astigmatism treatment is done without touching the eye. Learn more “No-Touch Smart Laser Treatment” No-touch Smart laser treatment is one of the personalized superficial laser treatments that we usually apply to eyes with thin corneas and not very high myopia and astigmatism. No-touch […]

Smart Lens

Eye Diseases Smart Lenses By age, the natural lens in the eye loses its flexibility, loses its transparency and develops cataracts in the following years, before changing shape and focusing on close vision. Your existing natural eye lens is replaced with an last tecnology smart lens. These lenses are called smart lens or trifocal intraocular […]