Hair Mesotherapy

Hair Transplant Hair Mesotherapy Hair Mesotherapy is a treatment method applied by injecting the vitamins, minerals and amino acid mixtures required for the hair into the scalp. Hair Mesotherapy is the direct injection of vitamins, minerals (Calcium, Iodine, Manganese, Copper, Zinc, Selenium, Iron, Potassium), agents related to the keratin layer of the skin, amino acids […]

Beard-Mustache-Eyebrow Transplantation

Hair Transplant Beard, Mustache, Eyebrow Transplant The reason for lack of facial hair growth or patchy beards is the result of genetics, electrolysis, physical trauma, surgical injury or congenital defects. In this case, a more masculine appearance can be achieved with hair transplantation techniques by producing dense and natural looking facial hair. Beard transplantation is […]

Otolog Mikro Greft

Hair Transplant Otolog Mikro Greft In Autologous Micro Graft treatment unspecialized cells extracted from your own body that maintain and repair tissues. They have the potential to develop into many different types of cells. Hair Follicle cells are harvested into the area with hair loss. The result is stimulation of growth in thinning areas as […]

Stem-cell Threatment

Hair Transplant Stem-cell Threatment Stem cell hair restoration can regrow hair through a combination of stem cell therapy and platelet rich plasma treatment. During stem cell hair restoration, small amounts of excess fat are extracted from the body using liposuction. Small cannulas are inserted beneath the skin through tiny incisions and stem cell-rich fat is […]


Hair Transplant DHI DHI hair transplant is the most recent method in the hair transplant world. It works similarly to the FUE hair transplant method, where hair follicles are plucked and planted one by one. The differentiating factor is the tool used in the DHI method. While conducting a FUE operation, the surgeon needs to […]

Fue Plus

Hair Transplant Fue Plus Fue Technique stands for “Folicular Unit Extraction” term. The grafts in the donor area are collected one by one with FUE motors and placed one by one in the microchannels opened with the help of sapphire-tipped blades in the hair transplantation area. In this way, the problem of baldness/sparseness is eliminated […]