Healty Aging Program

Holistic Brain Approaches Healthy Brain Aging Program It is not difficult to live a long, healthy, full life, but it is highly likely when you take the steps you need to take decisively!Your health is your responsibility. By taking action now to improve your health, you are laying the foundation for long-term health. Learn more […]

Noroplastic Sites

Holistic Brain Approaches Noroplastic Sites As for the treatment methods of modern medicine.First of all, ‘What is neuroplasticity?’ Let’s explain this briefly. Unfortunately, brain cells that die, unlike other cells in the body, do not regenerate. However, the treatment method we call neuroplasticity allows neighboring cells to take over the task instead of the dead […]


Holistic Brain Approaches Neuralgia Neuralgia, which is used for nerve pain in the medical language, can be seen in other parts of the body, although it is mostly felt in the face, mouth and head. Among the causes of neuralgia are factors such as the common cold , arteriosclerosis , and narrowing of the veins […]

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Holistic Brain Approaches Traumatic Brain Injuries Treatment of brain injury due to head trauma. What are we doing in this treatment? Our main goal is to maximize the capacity of the healthy nerve cell to take over the task of the damaged cell. For this purpose, we perform three-stage treatment in ensuring synaptogenesis; to increase […]

Brain Recovery Program

Holistic Brain Approaches Brain Recovery Program The main goal in the treatment of diseases is to protect brain health. Our brain, working with such high energy and capacity, is unfortunately exposed to radiation, electromagnetic waves, air pollution, harmful chemicals from the environment we live in, as well as toxins from food. When these harmful substances […]


Holistic Brain Approaches Fibromyalgia Fibromyalgia , also known as painful muscle rheumatism , is a disease that is often seen in women and is unfortunately difficult to diagnose. Fibromyalgia is often confused with depression by physicians . The patient says that he has pain all over, and even suffers from the constant aching and tiring […]

Migraine / Headache

Holistic Brain Approaches Migraine / Headache When talking about migraine, we first need to make sure that everyone is in the same boat as us. Usually, we either underestimate our headaches and think that we do not have a migraine, or we exaggerate our pains and think that we have migraines even when they are […]


Holistic Brain Approaches Forgetfulness The treatment program  of forgetfulness includes computer-based amnesia rehabilitation, intensive serum treatments to fire and regenerate brain cells, and an intense exercise program. As a result of these treatments lasting 8-12 weeks, we continue our follow-up with comparisons before and after treatment. Learn more Forgetfulness The brain is one of the […]


Holistic Brain Approaches Alzheimer Alzheimer’s disease is a neurodegenerative-progressive disease characterized by decreased memory functions. Although the underlying cause of Alzheimer’s disease is not fully understood, it occurs as a result of many damaging events, including the accumulation of toxic proteins in the brain, the malfunction of mitochondria, the energy production center in the body, […]